As one of the most prominent female wrestlers in WWE's history, Bayley has helped lead a revolution that changed the face of sports entertainment.

1. Her first ring name

Pamela Rose Martinez, who was later called Davina Rose during her time in WWE, wrestled on the independent circuit for four years before signing with the company.

2. Her wrestling influence.

Bayley's ring attire, which features an embroidered waistcoat and cowboy hat, is a tribute to her idol: the late wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

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3. Big basketball fan

Bayley had great passion for basketball and was inspired by LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. She captained her high school’s girls' team in San Jose, California.

4. Wrestling mentor- Serena Deeb

Before joining WWE, Bayley worked closely with Serena Deeb on the independent wrestling circuit.

5.  ring name is a tribute to her hometown

She was offered “Bailey” but decided to replace the “i” with a “y” as a tribute to the Bay Area, California where she grew up

She had hoped to become a professional wrestler and fulfill her grandmother's lifelong dream of wrestling in Mexico.

6. She wanted to be a luchadora

8. favourite bands

It's possible that one day, Bayley will use either Paramore or Pierce the Veil for her WrestleMania entrance music.

9. dream opponent 

Bayley grew up idolizing Trish Stratus, who revolutionized women’s wrestling in the early 2000s.